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Greenably is founded on two purposes
One is to speed up the sustainability transformation for us to reach our climate goals. The second is to help innovative companies who offer smart sustainable solutions to find new customers and new markets. Regional growth through sustainable transformation.

We accomplish this by connecting organizations looking to level up their sustainability commitment with those who can offer smart solutions. Facilitating new meetings via a digital platform as well as in real life.


There is in an urgency to drastically speed up the sustainability transformation, we want to play a part in accelerating that process. Because the truth is that we don’t have much time. If we want to stay within the 1.5-degree boundaries things have to pick up. Companies and society need to decrease the CO2-emissions and increase resource efficiency by re-using and re-cycling materials at a much higher level than today.


By helping companies and organizations to be brave and search for new ways forward. At the same time, we aspire to boost and support suppliers of innovative and sustainable solutions by presenting them new opportunities.

We are setting up a match-making service for sustainability challenges, via a digital platform and by facilitating meetings in real life. Stay tuned to learn more about Greenably.

Our ambition
What it all comes down to is to help companies find smart solutions for the sustainability challenges and in the process helping innovative suppliers find new business.


Greenably is a platform initiated by the project Sustainable Business Bridge, which is an EU-funded project during the period June 2020- April 2023.

Project owner is North Sweden Energy Agency and our collaborative partner is WIN, Winning Innovation i Lund.

Funding comes from European regional funds, Region Norrbotten, Luleå Kommun, Bodens kommun, Piteå kommun, Gällivare Näringsliv, 3EFlow, EON, GreenExergy, Kraftringen, Nordkonsult, Relitor and Wibax.

Our financiers